Friday, March 5, 2010

If there is anyone out there who still reads this blog, I would first like to say a big thank you! And second- would like to invite you to continue following me at the following blog--

My agency has asked that I keep a professional blog for my fans to follow me with- so here it is. I update this very regularly (well, I try to...) and there is lots of fun stuff for everyone to look at. So, please bookmark me and check back every once in a while- I will do what I can to not disappoint.

Thanks guys!!


Thursday, July 23, 2009


Yes, it has been too long since I have updated my blog. No real excuses, just laziness. However- I do want to be better- so please forgive me and give me the chance to impress you with more frequent blog entrees!

Among all of the auditions, potential jobs that fall through, set-backs, and few triumphs, it is easy for someone in my position to lose motivation. To lose site of what they set out to do. Recently, I have been going through a major slump in my career. I get called to some really great auditions, but it seems like I am either too tall, too short, too big, too small, Japanese is too good, Japanese is not good enough, or any number of reasons why I would not be selected. After being around the industry this long- I am somewhat used to it- however my motivation was still losing steam.

I have the honor of working with some of the most talented people I have ever met in the musical I am currently doing. One of which played the lead in HAIR back in the day. Last week on one of my favorite TV shows, a couple danced to a song from that show. I brought my computer to the dressing room and showed him. We got to talking and on a whim- he said "you should see the show. it will rock your world... you'd be good in that cast." That night I started searching youtube for any clips that would give me some additional insight to the show. This is what I found.

Something struck me. Hard. Wow. I was in awe at the power of the songs, the creativity, the message. I think I have watched this clip more than 100 times. I never tire of seeing it. Danny was right. My world has been rocked. I called my voice coach and scheduled a long-overdue lesson. I started looking at my calendar to see when I could fit dance lessons, and cattle-call auditions into my schedule. Again- motivated- ready.

Not since my RENT audition a few years ago have I been THIS excited to pound the pavement and get the door of rejection slammed in my face.

Good things are in store. I know it. Big things are to come. I know it.

Friday, May 22, 2009

guess who had a BIRTHDAY!!

a hugely belated birthday shout to my homeboy Z!! one of the coolest cats in town, and one of my bestest buddies- is a dy-no-mite daddy, handsome husband, and silly sybling.

let me give you a few insights into our unique relationship.

being the bratty big brother that i am, told him that he was adopted... numerous times! looking back i am surprized he didnt have to go therapy for all of the trauma i caused!!

he had an autographed george brett baseball--- to which i added my own autograph... he wasnt happy.

not too long ago- i was riding in his jeep and saw a container labled "tattoo goo" and had to ask. he casually informed me that it was to keep the color of his newly acquired, well, body art (?!!) looking fresh. WHAT?!! he said to not tell dad. trying to make-up for the years of guilt of telling him he was adopted (etc) i decided it was the least i could do. for the moment... a few days later i was shopping with dad and was trying on a sweater. while taking it off, my own shirt came up and kev saw my belly-button ring and right there in younkers declares "you got your belly-button pierced??!!"

deer in the headlights.
cotton mouth.
mind racing 100 miles per hour- mouth paralyzed.
panic stricken.

the first thing that came out of my mouth was "zac got a tattoo!!" which was repeated in the form of a question by big kev. no joke- not 2 minutes later kev's cell rings- it is zac- dad picks up with- not 'hello'-- not 'hi zac'-- not 'nice to hear from you...' but with "you got a tattoo??!!" the phone was then handed to me... hehehe....

happy birthday bro!! i must have got to pick first in heaven when i chose my syblings!!

check out the pics. one is of me and little z, the other is of big Z with his own 'mini me'... seriously- dont you think they look like they could have been twins!!??!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

who is THAT gorgeous creature???


just wanted to give a shout out to one of my favorite homegirls on mother's day. thanks for all you have done and continue to do for me!!

one of my biggest fans, once flew all the way from vegas to tokyo to see me in a tap musical. she sat on the front row and while she understood not a word of the story- didnt hesitate to gasp OUT LOUD as i walked onto the stage in a speedo. the woman next to her (who speaks no english- the mother of my roommate) begins clapping and hooting like she was at a yankees game. i love that despite cultural and liguistic barriers- my mom was able to bond with folks here.

somehow she managed to raise four crazy kids, with lots of silly times- how she kept her sanity remains a mystery! from chef, to maid, to referee, to chofuer, to counselor- this lady does it all!!

(p.s. - the little guy in the picture is me!)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

10 hints to HAPPINESS

i recently read a really great article with 10 hints to making your daily life more happy. so i thought i would pass the highlights on to all of you- here goes- enjoy!!

"as you are seeking contentment, it's better to focus on your assets rather than try to compensate your weaknesses"

2- GET A HOBBY "creativity helps people adapt to life by making them more flexible and open to experiences, this then in turn fosters satisfaction and self-esteem"

3- SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE "people who say making a lot of money is important to them are more likely to experience depression, anxiety, and headaches- and less likely to report being satisfied with their lives. those pleasures only bring the kind of happiness that disappears quickly. to achieve lasting contentment, you need to focus on experiences, not things"

4- DECIDE THEN MOVE ON "people who continually seek out the best of everything- be it a job, a mate, or a lap-top, are more stressed and less-fulfilled. to reduce anxiety, don't revisit a decision already made. tell yourself that good enough is good enough"

"relationships with close friends are one of the best vehicles to hapiness. these bonds give us a sense of purpose. research shows that friends keep us healthy, reduce anxiety, and even foster longevity.

6- ACCEPT THE FACT THAT SOME PEOPLE WON'T LIKE YOU "if you take everyone's judgment to heart, you surrender your own ability to view yourself clearly"

7- ACCENTUATE THE GOOD "gratitude is the cornerstone of happiness. it's all about noticing what's right in our lives instead of what's wrong"

"research shows that thinking about your mistakes obsessively drags you down and gives you an increasingly negative disposition"

"we find happiness when we derive pleasure as well as meaning to what we do"

10- MOVE IT "to or three short bursts of exercise each day can help to improve our outlook and attitude"

PS- eating home-made curry on brown rice will make you happy too.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

NIKE audition

same story- new chapter...

i got the call for nike baseball underwear (the long-sleeve turtleneck things that go under uniforms). i made it through the picture selection and my scheduled audition was today. after a very short session at the gym i went to the studio. they had a bunch of the shirts on the rack and after changing into a grey one got my polaroid taken and waited in line.

finally, my number, "38" was called. they asked about my baseball experience. i acted like i was a pro! (little did they know... i played right field... in third grade... the ball NEVER came to me... i picked dandelions... chased bugs... coach yelled at me a lot... coach was my dad... sorry kev- maybe i would have made you proud today- hahaha) they had me to pretend to pitch a ball. im an actor... right?

(i swear- as i type this- i can hear my bro ((who- as a sidenote was actually a semi-pro baseball player)) screaming in laughter and wonderng how much he would have to pay to get the video of today's audition)

then they handed me a bat- i took a couple of swings. (secretly was praying not to let go of the bat accidentally). whatever i did- they liked it and they asked to stay around for the next round. i had to pose like i was playing baseball... im a model, right?!

(again- i can hear zac)

i was told that they would call me and let me know. hence, the waiting game begins again.

on the way back to the train station, my manager tells me of my next audition on saturday. here we go again...

Thursday, April 2, 2009

no pants...

well friends- if you haven't read the next blog entry (moriyama naotaro), please read that first- then come back and read this one.

welcome back!
so- to cut to the chase, as you can see by the picture, no new pants... no pants...

i was looking forward to hearing back from my agency about the tour. that night- my manager called with bad news. at the second round of auditions (the one that we were told was to find my understudy) they found someone who could do all of the tour dates. i was so disappointed. i was really looking forward to doing this job- but now that it has been almost a week since the bad news, i am finally able to see the positives about not being selected. the biggest one is how free my schedule will be to do other jobs.

i am sure that something worthwhile will come along.

i will keep the blog-sters posted as to fun updates. thank you for all of your support!! hope to hear from you all soon!